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Out Of Home Defined

Out of Home is the term for an advertising medium that reaches consumers out of the home. It reaches consumers that are on the go while driving, shopping, walking, attending sporting events, filling up at a gas station, and even in a doctor’s office. Out Of Home mediums include and are not limited to: billboards, mobile billboards, pump toppers, wallscapes, sky banners, street furniture, bus shelters, light rail, bus, taxi cabs and airport displays. By using a proximity placement strategy, Out of Home advertising efficiently puts your message front and center to the consumer making it unavoidable, you can’t turn it off or change the channel. This staying power is what makes an advertising message top of mind when you have a need for a product. Out of Home can stand on its own and be used as a shotgun approach to reaches the masses for large product launches.

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About Us

Red Truck Media Inc. is a progressive out of home media agency. We specialize in all forms of outdoor advertising and work in our client’s best interest with rate transparency. We are your one source, buyers agent for all out of home advertising needs.

Our Services

Our services include planning, market research, clarifying rate structures, negotiating, contracting, creative strategy & design, and consolidated billing. We also manage proof of performance, bidding out of production, and management of out of home campaigns throughout North America and Canada. Our contracts are worded in our client's best interest with consistent wording to all vendors we work with. We provide creative ways to use out of home advertising effectively and efficiently to accomplish your marketing & advertising goals

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